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Ultralok® teeth and adapters are cast in a proprietary ESCO® alloy, formulated to deliver industry-leading wear life and impact resistance. But don’t just take our word for it. An independent test laboratory recently verified that the Ultralok alloy ranks #1 in hardness compared with brands such as CAT®, Deere®, Hensley®, Komatsu® and MTG®.

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The Ultralok tooth system has now operated at quarries and construction sites around the world for over 10 years. Renowned for the safety and reliability of the integral retention system – featuring just one lock per tooth – you can install and remove Ultralok teeth with the simple flick of a pry bar. No hammers, no worries.


We put the metal where it matters. ESCO engineers painstakingly optimize the shape and wear metal allocation of each tooth profile for maximum wear life, sharpness, and reliability. That’s why the Ultralok® system is guaranteed to provide longer service life, despite being lighter than most competitors’ offerings. This means fewer tooth replacements, more efficient digging, and less throwaway metal when the time comes to replace your teeth.


what our clients have to say

“We are impressed that the teeth stay sharp and penetrate very well.”

Mats Svanberg, Production Manager, Enhörna Quarry, Sweden

“The Ultralok system is easier to use… and increased our overall productivity at a lower operational cost.”

Tedi Stadnik, Parts Manager for Standard General, Canada

“Switching to the Ultralok system really helped us meet production demands. We have also reduced our operating costs with less maintenance, and the easy tooth replacement keeps downtime to a minimum.”

Jay Reid, Owner, Rockslide Gravel, Canada

“The hammerless latch works very reliably, and the slimmer profile is delivering longer wear life and better penetration.”

Tim Reynolds, Maintenance Foreman Knife River Company, USA

“Beautiful, efficient, and with increased penetration.”

Marco Girardi, Site Manager, Pontifidi Quarry, Italy

“It takes, at most, twenty minutes to change a complete bucket”.

Joan Rodriguez, Owner, AVE, Spain


Determine the optimal system size and tooth shape, based on your specific machine and application.

Available for quarry or construction size:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Tractor Loader Backhoes (TLB)
  • Face Shovels
  • Wheel Loaders / Front End Loaders
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100 + YEARS OF R&D


Founded in 1913, our rich history of innovation is decorated with over 350 patents. ESCO engineers and metallurgists based in Portland, Oregon continue to raise the standard for tooth system safety, ease-of-use, and reliability. The Ultralok system underwent extensive field and lab testing throughout its development - and we constantly refine the product range based on customer feedback and field analysis.

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